This site is about my 1959 Volvo 445. I bought it from Keone Skinner in New Mexico. 

October 2020 – Starting the reassembly. Previously I had sand blasted the frame, axle, front end parts and more and painted everything with Eastman POR and Rustoleam. 

Time to put the front end together so I called in my assembly team. Here’s Quincy (7) and Amalya (3) putting the wishbones together.
My assitant Amalya (3 years old) wanted to help put the bolts in. Start em young!

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I bought this a while ago. Had a quick paint job done, drove it a couple years and then decided to redo it better. Then live happened and it got stuck on the rotsiserie for years. Now geting back to it. Adding disc brakes, dual master cylinder, sport seats from an HHR SS, B20 engine beefed a bit and more.

Shortly after I got the volvo I had a quick paint job done to keep it from rusting any more than it was – it wasn’t much but it had started. I drove it a couple years and then decided to re-paint it and change some things. I’m adding a dual brake master cylinder, I had Proformance rebuild the engine, I’m putting new seats in it and some other things yet to be decided.

Disc brakes moving ahead. Body repairs happening.

OK – Finally an update – just got the springs back from Thruway Springs on Mt Read Blvd. They’re cleaned up – new bands, new bumpers. Now I need to paint them and put them on the car.

Right now the Volvo is on a rotisseire. I need to get my butt in gear and start working on it. I think that the thing that will stop my grandson from asking me “When are you going to finish the volvo Grandpa?”

I saw one of these and liked the style and flow of it. I kept my eye out for one for sale at a reasonable price. There aren’t that many around and fewer for sale. I was browsing the net one night and found an ad for this one. I contacted the owner – he didn’t know it was on the net. He had placed an ad in his local paper and the net was fairly new – they posted all their ad’s on the net. I asked if he had pictures but he said no, and didn’t have a camera. I sent him a Kodak disposable and he took pictures and returned the camera. I had them developed and called him and purchased the volvo. I then made arrangements to have it shipped to me. 

Mounted the steering assembly, installed the springs. I didn’t have a spring compressor so I came up with my red neck spring compressor using my floor jack. It worked out very well.
Disc brake conversion is now moving ahead. I just got discs with hubs from ebay. Back when I first started this rebuild I had found adaptors, calipers and discs somewhere – I think it was ebay but don’t rmember from whom and it’s been so long it was off my history. So I need hubs. I found the ones I just bought that were one piece – discs and hubs.

Rear end and springs mounted – on to the front axle.
Trying minimize left over pieces 🙂