This site is about my 1959 Volvo 445. I bought it from Keoki Skinner in Mexico. It had been converted to electric and then I put it back to gas. Made a rotisserie in 2010 and started a rebuild. Life happened and 12 years later have finally gotten back to it.

Volvo temp gauge resistance chart. Volvo 240 sensor – VDO 804/4/4

Current Status – On the road again! 

Took it to get inspected last week. Mostly good – overdrive wont kick in so I need to check that. Also almost to Kurt’s Garage for an inspection and it electrically died, than seconds later came back, then did it again a bit later. Got to the garage and found a connection that was maybe suspect but wasn’t convinced that what it was. Got inspected and started home. Everything was working fine till it wasn’t. Quit and wouldn’t come back. Was able to safely pull off the side of the road. Thought about the circuit and the only common thing was a relay I put in – when I turn the key to acc or run it kicks the relay in that turns the power on to the main fuse block. I had thrown a couple relays in the back just in case – replaced the relay (it was a new one) and no more problems.

I thought I could use the old brake drums but didn’t like the feel so new brake drums, shoes and the rest for the rear end are on the way. 

Windows (except rear door) are in, new felts on roll up windows, new gaskets all around on doors, heater wired and plumbed in, 12 to 6 volt setup for heater fan and windshield wipers – made the wipers 2 speed, grill on, new headlights, parking lights, tail lights are in. Passenger seat belt installed.

Shocks installed – front were no problem. Rear were a pain. Because the rear end was changed out for a newer version many years ago the stock shocks didn’t fit. I had to weld in different mounts for them but they’re in now. We’ll see if I got the measurements correct when I drive it.

Used the string method to align the front wheels and that’s good for a start.

 Tomorrow – remount doors, install driver seat belt, put rugs in (old set for now), put seats in, if the rear door balls come in then put the windows in them and mount them.

If that gets done we then drive it on the road and see what happens.

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